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Christine Leroi shared her amazing experience with us, she used our quality-physical-products™ face lift massager from quality-physical-products®!

"This device from quality-physical-products is wonderful on skin and eyelids especially stressed skin and puffy eyelids, and it really works to fill in depressed areas and help smooth out wrinkles.

Depuis que j'ai commencé à utiliser le quality-physical-products il y a environ un mois, je suis complètement satisfaite des résultats. Comparé à d'autres marques, il est beaucoup plus efficace et ne nécessite pas d'injection de toxine coûteuse. J'ai remarqué que mon visage est devenu plus lumineux et plus ferme, et je suis vraiment heureuse du résultat ! I look younger now with fewer wrinkles and firmer skin and what I love is that all my friends and colleagues have told me about it too." Christine Leroi , Lyon.

"Time has started to leave its mark on my face, from the stresses of life, problems and especially age, but this face massager has given me hope. My wrinkles are less visible, my skin is smoother, and I feel more confident than ever all this in the space of a few weeks, knowing that I was at first skeptical since by dint of seeing myself in the mirror with all my wrinkles I had lost this hope.

C'est invraisemblable de le dire mais ce lifteur à ce prix là est un miracle, je l'ai recommandé à toutes mes amies. Merci beaucoup Bellaapure pour votre produit !"
Héloïse P, Nancy


You really deserve to feel beautiful and confident at every moment of your life. YOU deserve from you look in the mirror and of see THE reflection of your youth and your vitality .

But We soaps all that the signs of time can sometimes infiltrate in our skin And to alter OUR trust in us .

That's why we designed the Liftant quality-physical-products , a device that gives you will help To to regain there skin smooth , radiant And young that you deserve .

Our quality-physical-products device At Microcourant is more than a simple face masseur. It is a tool of transformation Who acts in depth For to fill in the regions depressed , mitigate THE wrinkles And lifter your skin for a result visible And durative .

YOU can Finally say farewell to injections expensive and to invasive treatments , because our device YOU offer of the results amazing without there need of resort to methods painful Or costly ."

THE microcurrent shape and tones THE face of the even manner that exercise physical form And tones THE body . The quality-physical-products  is a compact device that offers the same technology of microcurrent in size  laptop . face toning tool by microcurrent which aid To improve there form and the tone of face , as well as appearance of the wrinkles And fine lines .

THE benefits of modeling and remodeling of the skin by microcurrent are now accessible To all , in the comfort of your House ! Your very own microcurrent face lift massager will provide you with:

  • Lift , tone up And sculpt

  • A skin and one face got rid of of their wrinkles instantly.

  • A facelift without injection

  • Of the cheekbones more visible

  • A reduction of the pockets

  • Improvement of the form of face

What is Microcurrent Facial Technology?

To activate muscles and skin during a microcurrent facial treatment, small pulses of microcurrent are used. This helps reverse the outward signs of aging, such as dullness and sagging skin.

According to research, microcourant stimulation can improve muscle function, promote wound healing, reduce inflammation and stimulate circulation.

Comment un lifting par microcourant améliore-t-il votre peau ?

Low-voltage electricity known as microcurrent is used to promote collagen production, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cell proliferation, and muscle in the dermis of the face.

It has been shown that microcourant facial treatments decrease wrinkles, especially around the front area, tightening and smoothing the muscles and connective fabrics of the face.

Les muscles de votre visage peuvent être revitalisés et tonifiés grâce à un traitement facial par microcourant. It is a kind of "facial gymnastics" that helps strengthen the muscles of the face.

Thus, after the intervention, you can benefit from a better outline of the face, in particular a less important skin relaxation and a better defined jaw.

No excessive makeup, fillers or botox!

The muscles of your face are slowly contracted using the Quality-Physical-Production masseur, as during a training session.

By emptying the lymph nodes of your face, you can exercise and tone your facial muscles while reducing swelling and irritation.

The science behind the quality-physical-products™ microcurrent lifting facial massager

Based on its advantages recognized for the skin, muscles and healing, microcourant technology has developed in the past 35 years!

  • it reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

  • It increases cellular energy (ATP)

  • It stimulates blood circulation

  • Increases natural collagen

  • It reduces facial puffiness

  • It increases the production of elastin

What makes the quality-physical-products™ microcurrent massager special?

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Lifting of jowls and eyebrows

  • Treatment of sun damage

  • Product penetration

  • Improved skin pigmentation

  • Smoother and firmer skin

  • Hydrated and revitalized skin

  • Increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

  • Improved elasticity


"As I work at night and I sleep little, I constantly have deep wrinkles under the eyes and a swollen face that makes me look overweight. This device from Quality-Physical-Products works wonderfully well to deal with all these problems .

I was looking for a solution to help me get rid of my dark circles and my swelling, and I am happy to have discovered this masseur, which works well with firming masks and allows you to get rid of it considerably in just one months of regular use." - Emilie Richard, Lille.

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"According to my research, the microcourant really helps to lift and redraw the face. I have been using this masseur for my neck and my jaw for months now and I am amazed at the result.

That's what I want, a defined neck and jawline. It really shapes my face without any issues." - Mélanie Dupont, Paris

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